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Bouncers and Security

Focusing on the unique needs and safety of bouncers and security personnel!
Being a bouncer can be a dangerous and difficult job!  No one wants a night out to turn into a dangerous altercation, but sometimes music, alcohol, and too much testosterone (and even sometimes estrogen) can sometimes lead to dangerous situations even for the most safety minded.
The MSDA offers a number of programs specifically designed for the needs and safety of the men and women who are charged with keeping us all safe while out having a night on the town.
CONTROLLED FIGHTING SYSTEMS™ offers a method of close quarters takedown and control tactics designed specifically for the needs of security and bouncers. CFS™ offers training and certification in:
  • SE01 Basic Defensive Tactics
  • SE02 Advanced Defensive Tactics
  • SE03 Pressure Point Takedown and Controls
  • SE04 Ground Defense Tactics
  • SE05 Kubotan for Security
  • SE06 Tactical Flashlight for Security
  • SE07 Blade Defense Tactics
  • SE08 Stick Defense Tactics
  • SE09 Expandable Baton Tactics
  • SE10 Gun Defense and Disarm Tactics
Contact us today for more information!
Class Duration: 3 hours
Class Schedule: Classes scheduled based on interest and availability
Cost: Varied
Group and professional organization rates may be available
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