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Tomahawk Fighting

The Tomahawk has been widely known as the weapon of choice for the Vikings, Native Americans, and a host of other warrior civilizations throughout history, but the low-tech, high-impact tomahawk has also been carried in every American war, including Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq. The modern-day tactical tomahawk can be utilized singly or with a knife in both offensive and defensive encounters.


This seminar will touch on a number of tomahawk fighting concepts, including:

  • Various grips (short, long, reverse)

  • Stance

  • Footwork

  • Angles of Attack (cutting and slashing)

  • Targets (arms, legs, head)

  • Combinations

  • Checking Hand – training the left hand

  • Trapping

  • Body manipulation

  • Flow/energy drills

  • Combat drills

  • Disarming techniques against knife, stick or axe

  • and MORE


Though swords, spears, and battleaxes have generally disappeared, tomahawks remain useful and thrive in combat, self-defense, and survival situations. While most people may not choose or be able to carry a tomahawk or axe in their everyday lives, the principles taught in this class are transferable to empty hand, knife, stick, improvised weapons, and even a hammer (the most available and utilized tool in most households). 


So, if you are looking for a new and different self-defense option, a useful tool to chop some firewood, dig out a foxhole, open those pesky security doors, help you remove IEDs, kill a zombie horde, fend off Viking invaders, OR if you just want to try something really cool and lots of fun, then you need to attend this tactical tomahawk fighting class.

DISCLAIMER: We reserve the right to reject persons that we do not consider eligible for training. We do not teach people from whom we want to protect ourselves!

Contact us today for more information!
Class Schedule: Every other Saturday (based on interest and availability)
Class Time: 10am - 12pm (schedule may vary)
Cost: $30 per class
Group and professional organization rates may be available
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