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Learn to use this exciting and legal self-defense tool! The ultimate self-defense option!


The Kubotan, sometimes referred to as a yawara, pocket-stick or self-defense keychain, is currently the most common self-defense tool used in the United States today. Undoubtedly, the most popular and versatile personal defense option, it is carried by thousands of people, including men, women, students, law enforcement, and martial artists and non-martial artists alike.

Our Kubotan Concepts™ curriculum (derived from our CONTROLLED FIGHTING SYSTEMS approach) offers instruction in the use of the Kubotan for functional and effective self-defense and defensive tactics applications.  Adapting principles and application from a number of different sources, our KBC courses offer training and certification in:

  • KB01 Basic Defense Applications

  • KB02 Intermediate Defense Applications

  • KB03 Advanced Self-Defense Applications

  • KB04 Attribute Training

  • KB05 Instructor Development Course

The Kubotan is truly the ultimate self-defense option for those looking for an effective, easy to use, inexpensive, and non-lethal  self-protection tool. It’s small, economical, fits into the palm of your hand, and best of all… IT WORKS!

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Class Duration: 3 hours
Class Schedule: Classes scheduled based on interest and availability
Cost: $35 per participant (includes a free Kubotan)
Group and professional organization rates may be available


Ask about our Instructor Certification Program!
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