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NO LIE TRAINING BLADES- Taking Knife Training to the Next Level-

Over the years, I’ve trained with a number of training blades, from the old style rubber and wooden trainers many of us started out with to some of the very best composite and metal crafted fixed and folding blades currently on the market that give a better weight in the hand and more realism to the training while still maintaining a requisite level of safety. So how does one set oneself apart from the hundreds and thousands of different types of training blades available on the market today? I recently discovered what I think is the next level in knife tactics and defense training- the No Lie Training Blade.

Designed and developed by Hank Hayes, an expert in knife, firearm, and defensive tactics training, the NLB training knife is made of 356 Alloy mold crafted aluminum, giving a good realistic weight and feel, and incorporates a patented felt-padded edge technology to allow for stellar marking capabilities. Utilizing ink pad fill or simple lipstick, this training blade has a safe marking edge you’ll be able to train with intense realistic attack simulations. Available in single edge and double edge models (I have the single edge Street Trainer model), the realistic look and feel of these trainers will catapult your knife capabilities immediately to the next level of combat skill.

I started using the NLB training in our knife training and I can say the difference was palpable and immediate. Working a knife sparring drill or a self-defense scenario and then having the immediate feedback of looking down and seeing the obvious and inescapable reality of the potential damage that can be done in a real bladed defense situation immediately changes both your mindset and body movements when it comes to knife interactions. It’s all in the name- there can be NO LIE as to whether or not you were cut, injured, and potentially killed.

Used extensively by law enforcement, military units, and special forces, these warriors not only prefer reality-based training, but NEED IT to preserve their very lives. This will definitely take your knife, blade, and weapons based training to the next level.

I’m extremely impressed with the quality, design, and effectiveness of the No Lie Training Blade. Be sure to get one. You’ll be glad you did.

For more info on No Lie Training Blades and the No Lie Tactical Training, check out their website at


John Borter

Modern Self-Defense Concepts

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