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A Constant Search for Perfection!

"I have known John for several years and have not only seen his work but also taught in a seminar beside him as a colleague. We share the same passion and love for martial arts. But it is surpassed with a skill that matches his constant search for perfection of his personal art. I am impressed watching his development and growth as a companion in the same martial journey and evolution to be the best we can be."

Doug Marcaida

Marcaida Kali

Host of History Channel's "Forged In Fire". 

This Guy Will Teach You How to Move!

“I'm a lifelong martial artist. John Borter takes all the material I've learned over my 24 years in martial arts and combines it all into a fluid, comprehensive system based on concepts and principles rather than individual technique. If you wanna up your game in self-defense or close quarters combat, this guy will teach you how to move so that techniques simply manifest themselves.”

Sean Turoci 

Martial Artist

A Mindset for the Future!

"John Borter doesn't think outside the box, just beyond it. A mindset of the future!"

Kerry Kelly

Researcher and Author

A True Martial Artist!

"John Borter is a Martial Artist in the truest sense of the word. His expertise in realistic, effective and practical martial arts and self-defense are only surpassed by his passion to spread the teachings to others The ABC Woman's Self Defense program is a perfect example of his successful instruction and commitment to excellence. I've worked with John before and have seen him in action first hand. He has my full endorsement."

Phil Ross


One of the Best!

"IMO John is one of the best out there when it comes to functional joint locking!"

Fernan Vargas


Raven Tactical International

His Ability is Amazing!

"I felt compelled to share my opinion about John Borter. In many years of martial arts training, only a few times have I found someone that impressed me like John. His attention to detail, his martial understanding of concepts and principles, and his ability to execute the movements is amazing. He has a very good system of teaching, using practical drills, locks, etc. to develop the student's skills. I highly recommend John as an instructor for anyone who wants to learn self-defense."

Jaime Ovando Maturana

Military and Police Combat Methods Instructor

Official Representative for Ohana Kenpo Karate Association Chile

Official Representative for Applied Eskrima Global Chile

He Hit Me 5 Times... IN ONE SECOND!

"A couple of weeks ago I had the honor to train with John Borter and become a SAMI USA Instructor with him. I've been following him on social media for a year reading his points of view and philosophies on training and not to mention all the weapons he posts which I really enjoy. Anyway, it was our time to train together so after intros we got right down to it. I remember him explaining what he specializes in and all of a sudden I felt the force of his Jum Sao and instantly I knew he was highly skilled with energy distribution and efficient targeting. Let's also mention the fact that while training his hubud into trapping he got about 5 hits on me within a second. No joke within ONE SECOND! And thank god he's mastered control because my eyes would have been ripped from the Biu Jee and air supply cut off from his multiple Sat Saos and Jum Saos. I look forward to Gor Sao with the man in the upcoming months to return the favor and show him a thing or two. lol"

Peace and Respect Always 🙏

Anthony Fontana

SAMI Combative Systems NYC

An Old School With A Modern Concept!

"An Old School with a Modern Concept – many martial arts masters claims that their system is pure and old, keeping the old martial arts tradition is good but that leads to a system stagnant.  The bad guys evolve and so does as a martial arts teacher.  John Borter is one of the few Masters that keeps the Martial Arts tradition with a Modern Concept in his teaching."

Ka Abner Anievas



The Best I Have Ever Seen!

"John Borter's ABC Women's Self defense program is without a doubt the best I have ever seen in over 30 years of my personal involvement in Martial Arts, and I have both assisted with and taught such programs over the last 25 years. John's program has grown from the Albany NY. area, crossing the state lines. being taught in several locations across the country, actually spreading now on global scale, existing in several different countries. Why so-? John Borter's system is not cloaked in the mystery of secret exotic techniques which need years of training- it is based on awareness and simple techniques that can be performed by anyone regardless of age, without an elevated level of athletic ability. John Borter conveys his message and techniques of personal protection in a clear, eloquent fashion, not only creating a comfortable learning environment but a very enjoyable experience for those taking part in these classes. I have assisted John from time to time over the last couple of years, and I can honestly say - those participating were having FUN! Most importantly to me is what these women (young girls to seniors ) walk away with, which is a sharpened sense of awareness, confidence and abilities to avoid or deal with confrontation. I believe this program should be mandatory in high schools, colleges, and institutions, and basically businesses that deal with the general public- hospitals, retail stores, restaurants and night clubs to name a few. By all means, inquire about a class for your loved ones. It is truly something you'll never regret."  

Stanley Tiska

Aikido Instructor

Hai-Ken Dojo 

Aikido Kokikai International

Anyone Can Walk Away With Something of Value!

"John is very knowledgeable in the skills that he teaches. Not only does he know what works, but (and sometimes just as important) also WHY said skills works. Whether you are new to martial arts and a seasoned individual, I would suggest you go and see John. I feel that no art is perfect yet with John's diverse set of classes, pretty much anyone can walk away with something of value to help improve their skill set."

Justin Keith

Martial Artist

Really Cool Guy

I Highly Recommend Him as a Teacher!!

"I’ve known Master John Borter for the last 11 years when he first struck up conversation with me online. He struck me as a gentleman with great honor. He was in the formulations of what would become his style of Modern Self Defense Concepts. Master Borter comes from a solid base of study from highly reputable teachers. I’ve watched his technique and teaching style grow and integrate into an effective martial art system that stands alone. He is never one to remain stagnant in practice, always integrating new methods into his approach. I highly recommend him as a teacher to seek out in the upstate New York/Albany area as well as a master instructor to seek out for seminars and lectures for your school."

Alessandro Ashanti Bovoso

Founder/Head Instructor

Full Circle Jujitsu

A High Degree of Skill and Martial Understanding!

"The way John blends concepts from a variety of systems shows a high degree of skill and martial understanding. His approach to martial arts is both effective enough for the beginner or those looking for a direct self defence system, yet deep and complex enough for those looking to make martial arts a life long study. His tutorials are clear, well presented and easy to follow. I am very happy to be part of John's extended martial family and very grateful to be able to promote his self defence system here in the UK."

James Stewart

ABC Women's Self Defence South West UK

B.F.T. Dulo Defensive Concepts

Take Your Skills To The Next Level!

"Flow and transition are attributes that are essential for practicing martial arts at a high level. For many, these skills are elusive. John Borter has mastered these attributes and has the ability to pass them on to others. His art is refined and precise while still focusing on the fact that every situation is unique. If you are looking to take your skills to the next level, training with John is a good place to start."

PG Sal Todaro

Co-Founder of SMP ARNIS

Head Instructor of the Cebu West Martial Arts Clubs

One of the Most Effective Instructors I Have Ever Seen!

"I have known Sensei John for quite a few years now and I have to say , he is one of the most intelligent , comprehensive and effective instructors I've ever seen and have ever had to pleasure and honor to be involved with."

Guro Russ Brown

Founder and Chief Instructor of Stay Bladed Martial Mafia

and Ba Jin Martial Concepts

An Exceptional Understanding!

"John Borter holds an exceptional understanding of the underlying principles that drive martial arts effectiveness.  More importantly, he is one of those rare instructors who can pass that understanding along to his students in order to enhance their acquisition of self-defense."

Dr. Steven Pearlman

Founder, Praxis Martial Arts

Author of The Book of Martial Power

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