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Scientific, Street-Smart Self-Defense!
Modern Jujitsu is a scientific, street-smart approach to self-defense.  Fast and flowing, it is more of a martial science than a martial art. Our unique and integrated training methodology bridges the connection between martial arts and self-defense by focusing on concepts and principles rather than just techniques.      

Modern Jujitsu has adapted and integrated elements from a number of martial arts and self-defense systems, with the primary influences including:

  • Small Circle Jujitsu

  • The Filipino Martial Arts

  • Panantukan

  • Jeet Kune Do

  • Wing Chun

  • KAPAP/Krav Maga

  • Hapkido

  • and MORE!

Modern Jujitsu is a fast, flowing, and furious approach to martial arts and self-defense. MJJ utilizes flow, motion, movement, and the body's natural responses for effective close quarter self-defense and take down and control techniques rather than the punching and kicking seen in most of the "traditional" and competitive-style martial arts schools today. It is a complete and comprehensive approach to martial arts and self-defense.

Modern Jujitsu is truly a system of scientific, street-smart self-defense. Having been taught to members of the US military, law enforcement, security, bouncers, and civilians, it is an ideal system for men, women, and students, regardless of size or strength.

ADULTS ONLY (ages 14 and up)

Instructor: John Borter

Class Duration: 90 minutes

Class Schedule: Monday and Thursday 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Cost: $99 per month

Feel free to stop in for a FREE no obligation introductory lesson!

Modern Jujitsu

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