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Our Programs

Martial Arts

Martial Arts

Women's Self-Defense

Women's Self-Defense


Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

Knife Fighting

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Tomahawk Fighting

Kubotan Karambit


Tai Chi

Tai Chi

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Not your typical martial arts school...

The Modern Self-Defense Academy is an innovative and eclectic martial arts and self-defense training center. 

Offering some of the best instruction in the area, we are dedicated to providing a fun, safe, and positive environment where you can excel in your personal goals within a varied and supportive group while learning valuable life skills and having fun along the way. Offering a number of different adult-oriented programs for men, women, students, law enforcement, military, security, bouncers, and professionals of all types, it is the final answer for Upstate NY and Capital Region residents looking for effective martial arts and self-defense training. 

​Located in the old, historic, Roessleville School, the Modern Self-Defense Academy is conveniently located on Central Ave in Colonie, only about 1 mile from Wolf Rd/Colonie Center. 

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A Lifelong Martial Artist!

“I'm a lifelong martial artist. John Borter takes all the material I've learned over my 24 years in martial arts and combines it all into a fluid, comprehensive system based on concepts and principles rather than individual technique. If you wanna up your game in self-defense or close quarters combat, this guy will teach you how to move so that techniques simply manifest themselves.”

Sean T.

Martial Artist

Scientific Street-Smart Self-Defense!
MODERN JUJITSU is a scientific, street-smart approach to self-defense. More of a "martial science" than a martial art, our unique and integrated training methodology bridges the connection between martial arts and self-defense by focusing on concepts and principles rather than just techniques. MJJ adapts and integrates techniques, principles, and concepts from a number of different martial arts and self-defense systems to ensure the most effective approach to practical self-protection. 
​​Training includes hand-to-hand, knife, stick, Kubotan, and numerous other self-defense applications. MODERN JUJITSU is a complete and comprehensive approach to martial arts and self-defense.

A few MSDA videos...  
MSDA Preview  
MSDA Knife
Blades on the Beach
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Our Fun, Exciting, and Critically Acclaimed Women's Self-Empowerment Program!
The Modern Self-Defense Academy is the headquarters for the ABC Women's Self-Defense program. Currently taught in 14 countries and 12 US states, this fun, exciting, and valuable women's empowerment program has taught thousands of women the valuable self-defense skills needed to identify, avoid, deescalate, and react to a potentially violent or sexual assault. ABC focuses on three very basic but critical elements of self-defense- Awareness, Boundaries, and Contact.
This program has been taught to high school and college students, community organizations, corporate employees, small businesses, law enforcement, gyms and health clubs, friends and families, and THOUSANDS of women!
A few ABC Women's Self-Defense videos...  
Greene County YMCA
Shen Girl's Softball
ABC for Seniors
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women's self-defense and empowerment program!
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Modern Jujitsu

ABC Women's Self-Defense

SAMI Combat Systems

Discover Your Fighting Spirit!

SAMI Combat Systems and is the umbrella term used to describe the collection of individual combat systems (or SAMICS Concepts) developed by Peter Weckauf and the SAMI Institute. These systems include Mr Weckauf's specific and personal interpretations of Panantukan, Krav Maga, KAPAP. Knife Fighting, Axe and Tomahawk Fighting, Stick Fighting, SDS Concept (defense with everyday objects and improvised weapons), Expandable Baton, and MORE!


The Modern Self-Defense Academy is the only Official SAMI Training Group in Upstate New York. 














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A few SAMI videos...  
What is SAMI?
SAMI Knife Concept
SAMI Panantukan Concept


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